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Town Board Member Term expires Phone E-mail
Supervisor  John Kaminski 12/2013 835-6470
Jereme Stiles 12/2013

Stacey Larkin



Dale Taylor  12/2015 835-6721
Eric Snow  12/2015 849-3834

 Find Minutes from the Town Board Meetings here.

2013 town board meetings
January 10  July 11 
 February 14 August 8 
 March 14 September 12 
 April 11  October 10
 May 9  November 14
 June 13  December 12

The Town Board meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month. If necessary, a second regular Board meeting will be held the 4th Thursday of the month. Meetings begin at 7PM at the Virgil Town Hall and are open to the public. In the first 1/2 hour we welcome your comments.

We encourage your active participation and support. Won’t you join us?

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